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Tom Hausner is a graduate of the FBI National Academy with 27 years of SWAT Team experience, 12 years as SWAT Commander, 3 time SWAT Team of the Year, and a certified tactical trainer with real world experience.

Tom has trained thousands of police officers in a wide variety of topics; Field Training, Leadership, Major Event Planning, Active Shooter, Incident Command, Firearms, and SWAT.

Tom also trains in the private sector on leadership, workplace violence, concealed carry, firearms and active shooter response. His training is based upon Solid, Realistic, Realistic, On-Going, Verifiable, Training (S.R.O.V.T. ©).

When reality strikes, you have only 2 things to rely upon…your experience or your training. If you have no experience, then all you can rely upon is your training! If your training is not based upon S.R.O.V.T. you are setting yourself up for failure and failure is not an option. Your life may depend upon it.

If you want real world training based upon real world experience, then Thomas Hausner & Associates is your only choice for training.

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