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SecureTech WAVE Plus

WAVE Plus the Ultimate Critical Incident Notification System

The WAVE can be like having an officer with a radio stationed at the location the emergency/incident starts. A locations specific call for help is transmitted directly over all radios so that officers throughout the area can respond immediately. Patrol cars as well as officers on the beat are notified at the same time as dispatch eliminating one step in the dispatch process and speeding up response times.

Everyone wants to feel that our children are safe when they are in school, but there seems to be ever increasing violence at all educational facilities from grade school to college. The WAVE provides a way for faculty to instantly call for help when there is an emergency.

Fixed position or mobile panic buttons can be provided in classrooms, playgrounds, laboratories, libraries, cafeterias, health services, bursars' offices or anywhere else on a campus. Security personnel are automatically notified of the location of the emergency over the two-way radios that they already carry. This can improve response times dramatically at a time when seconds count.

There are lots of other campus applications for the WAVE. Door/window contacts, pressure mats and motion sensors can be used to protect expensive equipment such as projectors and printers or to notify security when there is unauthorized access to a restricted area after hours.

The system is almost completely wireless making installation and expansion easy. Wireless weather resistant buttons can be provided for outdoor area such as parking lots without the expense of running wire. The WAVE can also add value to call boxes that are already installed in parking lots by sending a message over the radio network as soon as the call box is activated.

The WAVE can also send emails and text messages as secondary alarms to personnel who do not carry radios.

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The Wave Plus can instantly transmit alerts across all devices networked in your enterprise.


The Wave Plus transmits alerts to all devices via hand held radios, Text Messaging or email.


The Wave Plus has a Virtual Alert System that can be installed on any or all desktop computers.

WAVE Plus Makes Facilities Safer in Active Intruder or Critical Situations

  • Transmits unique, detailed messages to all hand-held radios and base stations in the radio network
  • Alarms can also be sent as emails or text messages. Messages are easily added or changed
  • Can be integrated with other security systems
  • Available with a wide variety of sensors including panic buttons, tilt switches, trip beams, temperature sensors, door/window contacts and motion detectors
  • Compatible with VHF, UHF, 800 MHz or any other commercially available frequency
  • Battery Included
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